"The gentleman that came out and did the initial survey

was efficient, friendly and right on time.

Service was scheduled for a few weeks in the future. Crew showed up on a monday morning and got to drilling holes,

starting blowing the insulation tuesday morning and was all buttoned up by the end of the day on Tuesday.

Everyone was incredibly friendly and courteous while my GF and I were home. They were very careful keeping doors

and gates closed to keep our dogs happy too!

The work was excellent - but what really stood out was the cleanup. Not only did they come through and vacuum the

dust from the interior holes and the few bits of extra cellulose that made it around but they did a second walk through

and wiped down any surface that had drywall dust or related - the house was cleaner when they finished than when

they started - and that's impressive given how many holes in the drywall were needed for all the insulation. They

really went above and beyond to leave everything in a great state.

The results have been phenomenal! We keep the interior temperature the same as we have before the work and our

habits around opening windows at night when it cools down are unchanged - the net difference is before on a warm

day (mid 80s) the AC would run for a few hours to keep the house manageable and our one front room that has three

exterior walls would be uncomfortably hot. Afterwards - on a warm day the AC doesn't run - at all and on hot days the

AC run time has been more than cut in half! The best part is our front room that used to get very hot - it is still warmer

than other rooms but it's much less of a temperature swing than before - absolutely stupendous comfort improvement

and I'm excited to see how substantial the energy savings is - but it was apparent day one." Angies List Home Owner 8/1/2015

"Build it Green replaced all the insulation in our home. They did the job quickly and left no mess behind" - Dennis Bayne 4/29/14