Retro-Fit Wall Insulation

Homes built pre -1970s did not have wall insulation, costing you approximately 30% more on heating/cooling costs. Build it Green is one of the leading retro fit wall insulation contractors in the Portland area.

At Build-It Green, we specialize in retrofit wall insulation. We use the cleanest finely ground cellulose material  available, free of plastic, zip ties, debris, etc. such as that used by most of our competitors. The finer ground the material, the less settling and better air sealing.

We install using the latest technology, including but not limited to the use of infra-red (IR) cameras to ensure a complete cavity fill. Our specialty being siding removal and re-install (only where needed) rather than drilling through your siding. Aluminum, wood lap, cedar shingles, cement board or vinyl, NO PROBLEM. We can even insulate walls with brick, stucco, T-111, etc. on the exterior.

Build-It Green also offers a Dense Pack option using 30 to 40% more materials in your walls, no settling, better air sealing, guaranteed.

Cellulose is 57% more fire retardant than fiberglass and has far better R-value with superior air sealing qualities.

Green Product - 7,000,000 tons of newspaper are recycled every year and used to produce Cellulose Insulation

Cellulose is 100% non allergenic.

Cellulose also deters insects such as ants, roaches, termites, etc. as well as mice, rats, and squirrels.

Blown-in cellulose is also used in some cases for significant sound buffering in apartments/condos, sound studios, etc. It greatly reduces outside noise such as high traffic, bumping stereos,  barking dogs, loud neighbors/kids, etc.